Andy Hodgeson begins attempt to row solo around Great Britain

Andy Hodgeson contacted us in the summer of 2017 after about 3 months of rowing around Britain.  The weather router he has arranged was going on holiday and was unable to continue to support him.  At this stage he had travelled from London, along the south coast of England and was about to round Land’s End.  We picked up weather forecast and routing services and saw him row across the Bristol channel and into Milford Haven but by then Autumn was closing in and it was clear (first to us and then to him) that 2017 was not going to be his year for a successful circumnavigation. 

After the bitter disappointment of 2017, Andy has returned to the waters around Britain this summer and after a bit of tutoring, guidance and some suggestions of changes to the boat’s setup (some of which we were able to implement) he sets off again tomorrow (13th May 2018) with the chance to become the first solo circumnavigation firmly in his sights. The weather isn’t perfect for his departure and he’s likely to get stuck on his anchor quite a lot quite early on, but in his own words, “If I get out there then at least I’ve got the chance to make miles now rather than be on land not making miles”. 

New Ocean Wave will be feeding Andy weather updates and routing guidance throughout his journey and can’t wait to welcome him back to London later this summer. 

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