Buying a Boat

When thinking about buying a boat you have three options

  • Buy New – Contact the boat builders listed below for latest prices and availability. Remember that it isn’t too much of a problem to buy a boat built in another country and most builders are used to shipping their boats around the world.
  • Buy usedCheckout our Boatmart page for more details.
  • Charter – We can often help find suitable boats and equipment available for charter / rental. Contact us via the form on the Contact page for more information. 

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 Rannoch Adventure

It is also possible to build your own boat.  However, unless you have a lot of time and knowledge of how to do this it is definitely best to leave it to the experts.  Building a one-off boat is almost certainly far more expensive than buying a new boat from one of the builders listed above and shipping to a port near you.  Contact us for some more information about how we can help.  If you still do want to investigate building your own boat then we are happy to provide the plans for the Phil Morrison designed classic pairs boat that has proven itself to be so safe and successful.

    To download the plans for a Classic Pairs Boat, please fill in your details below and we will send them to you shortly.

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    Next…look at the used boats that are for sale on our Boatmart page.

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