1 man – Sedna – SOLD

Name of boat: Sedna Solo
Number of crew: 1 currently, could potentially be adapted to fit 2 if fore cabin modified
Material: carbon fibre hull, marine ply deck
Design: Woodvale Solo
Year built: 2004
Built by: Hull by Justin Adkin, deck and cabins by Woodvale
Previous passages: 1 x Atlantic, 1 x Pacific, 1 x Indian
Equipment included in sale: Spectra watermaker, Sea-Me,
Any work required: Deck hatches were new for Indian Ocean, but need to be refitted/replaced because they leak. Would recommend replacement of all electrical wiring and charge controller units, batteries too. Bearings of rowing seat should be changed. Two oars need replacing. A hole appeared in the bottom of the hull during shipping to current location.
Price: £12,500 or $20,000
Stored at: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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