2-4 person – Island Voyager – SOLD

Name of boat: All Relative
Number of crew
:  Pair or four
: Weight of the shell is 250kg fully kitted out will be around 600kg plus crew. 
Cabins are carbon fibre and shell is glass fibre with parts of the deck being plywood 
The boat is 23.5 feet in length – Has undergone full refit by Justin Adkin at Sea Sabre before last row.

Design:  Sea Sabre
Year built
: 2005
Built by
: Justin Adkin
Previous passages
: 2 x Mid Atlantic – 2 x Round Britain – Is the only boat to have been successfully rowed round Britain twice)

Equipment included in sale:

Safety Gear

  • Handheld compass for ditch bag
  • 2 x glow sticks in factory packaging
  • 2 safety mirrors in factory packaging
  • Manual foghorn
  • 4 x safety blankets in packaging
  • Strobe light
  • Rain poncho
  • Whistle/compass combo
  • Floating strobe light
  • Full set of Aurora flares (6 in total) in dedicated waterproof flare canister
  • 2 x safety lines for deck mounting points with one shackle each

Tool Kit

  • Pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hand drill
  • 11pce drill bit set
  • Can of WD40
  • 1 roll of black electrical tape
  • 2 rolls of gaff tape
  • Crescent/Socket combination wrenches (full set that fits every fixing on the boat)
  • Shifting spanner (monkey wrench)
  • Tube of Sikaflex (unused)
  • Bag of oar pin spacers
  • Bottle of various screws, nuts and electrical connectors
  • Wooden plug/bung set
  • 9m roll of polyester braided line


  • 2 x foot straps
  • Heavy duty shackle
  • Jubilee clip for water maker hoses
  • 9v to USB charger
  • Tub of fuses
  • Electrical switch that fits stern switch panel
  • Small funnel
  • Red and black electrical wire
  • Various wire connectors
  • Water maker pump
  • 3 x Seat runners

Other items

  • 3 x set of oars
  • Parachute Anchor – 80m of line and 100m floating Retrial line
  • Garmin Navigation System, VHF base unit and AIS system
  • Mattress for both cabins (very comfortable)
  • Solar Panels (produce 220 watts – never got below 80% in recent row.
  • Compass for the bow seat mount
  • Anchor (ordered for the spec of the boat; with chain and shackle in anchor bag)
  • Racing yacht anchor with chain and shackle (used successfully taken as spare)
  • Trailer and light board

Any work required: None other than cosmetic
: Offers in region of £34,999

All Relative Image for Sale

Windage description:

The boat performs very well in both cross winds and in headwinds. It is easy to keep the boat tracking to your desired bearing in crosswinds up to about 15 knots without excessive leeway. Slight quartering wind across both the bow and the stern do not impact the crosswind performance and make for a smoother ride as the boat loves to cut through the swell on a slight angle.  We did a very large proportion of our round Britain row with this type of wind and we kept a very good average moving pace (around 2.5 knots).

In headwinds, the boat will let you go straight into the wind with no problem until the winds get to about 9-10knots. Above 10 knots and below 20 knots, the boat will easily allow you to offset your bow between 15 and 30 degrees to the wind and make solid progress – somewhere in the order of 2-2.5 knots. Again, we had to deal with a lot of headwinds during our round Britain row (about half the way round) and managed to make progress into all but the strongest headwinds. If you think you will be facing some cross and headwinds on your next row; this is the boat you want to be in!  

Stored at
: Southampton

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