Danielle takes lead in Barcelona – Ibiza race


Following their departure from Barcelona, Danielle and Isabel experienced excellent conditions in the opening day of racing.  Light changeable winds have taken a slight edge off the heat, however the temperature drops during the night have provided some respite here, alongside the experience of clear skies filled with stars.

It’s not all easy going across the Mediterranean. Negotiating the busy commmercial shipping channels has put all their navigation and communications courses into practice. In addition the crews in our small craft have had to brave the huge wash generated by these enormous cargo vessels and tankers as they plough across the oceans. The Danielle crew thought they were going to take off!

Spirits amongst the teams are high however, in fact the Isabel crew are ‘absolutely loving life on the Med’ and with both crews passing the 60 nautical mile mark, at present speed they are on course for arrival into Ibiza late Wednesday night/early hours of Thursday.

Send a message to the crews and Give NOMAN some support!

To text the satphones go to: http://messaging.iridium.com/

Enter in the satellite phone number for the boat you want to contact.

Isabel +881631524160
Danielle +881632629157

Type your message and hit send. Easy.

Happy 30th Birthday Jonah!

Isabel’s Jonah Van Bourg celebrates his 30th birthday today, a pretty memorable way to bring in the new decade! The Rozamar crew dropped by to deliver a birthday muffin as Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ blasted out the speakers of the support boat.

No doubt his crew mates will be ensuring he celebrates appropriately today, and upon arrival in Ibiza!

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