Charts are an invaluable part of any boat’s inventory and can indicate shipping lanes, magnetic variance, water depth, obstacles, the position of land and several other vital pieces of information.  Each crew will need to carry a minimum number of specific paper charts as part of the minimum kit list.  These charts are:

  • NOAA chart 530 – North America West Coast
  • NOAA chart 18022 – San Francisco to San Diego
  • NOAA chart 18685 – Monterey Bay
  • NOAA chart 19340 – Hawai’i to O’ahu
  • NOAA chart 19357 – Island of O’ahu

Any charts that taken on a boat must be laminated or waterproofed to ensure that they can still be used when they get wet.

Charts can be printed on demand by a number of suppliers. We have been really impressed by the level of service offered by Pilothouse charts.

These charts and some others of the area can be also be viewed online.  If you don’t have a chart plotter or want a way to view these charts and plot your route on you computer as well then why not investigate OpenCPN.  OpenCPN is a free software project to create a concise chart plotter and navigation software, for use when underway or as a planning tool. Click here to visit the OpenCPN website.

The NOAA have just released printable versions of these charts for end users to print at home. However, please note that under the race rules self printed copies of these BookletCharts will NOT be accepted. – Visit the BookletChart website.

Large scale
NOAA chart 50 – International chart: North Pacifc Ocean (eastern part)

NGA chart 520 – North Pacific Ocean – Eastern part

*NOAA chart 530 – North America West Coast San Diego to Aleutian Islands and Hawai’ ian Islands

*NOAA chart 18022 – San Francisco to San Diego

*NOAA chart 18685 – Monterey Bay

NOAA chart 19004 – Hawai’ian Islands

NOAA chart 19007 – Hawai’i to French Frigate Shoals

*NOAA chart 19340 – Hawai’i to O’ahu

*NOAA chart 19357 – Island of O’ahu

NGA chart – 19008 – Hawaiian islands

NOAA chart 19358 – Southeast Coast of O’ahu Waimanalo Bay to Diamond Head

NOAA chart 19369 – O’ahu South Coast Approaches to Pearl Harbor

Please note that when on board a boat you should always use the official, full scale laminated or waterproof NOAA or NGA nautical charts.  These are available from authorized sales agents.  Screen captures or prints from Booklet charts or electronic charts do NOT fulfill race rule minimum equipment requirements and will not be accepted.