Fight the Kraken

Vicki Otmani & Megan Binging

Fight the kraken teamshot

This is not just about us.  This is about you, too.  It’s about all of us being a force of positive change in a big world.  In mythology, the Kraken is an enormous, squid-like sea monster, capable of swallowing ships whole and the bringer of certain doom to all who cross its path.  We believe there is not only the very real “monster at sea” that we as a species have created through waste and misuse, but that there is a Kraken within each and every one of us.

Because of this, we want to motivate others while challenging ourselves; After all, this is no longer just about a carbon footprint, but a moral footprint.  Fight the Kraken is our catalyst for making small changes towards seemingly indomitable goals: actually completing the voyage where others have not, and reversing the damage that has been done to our greatest global resource.  The ocean entertains us, inspires us, and sustains us so we all need to take responsibility for its protection.  This monster is no longer just a myth, and we intend to fight it.  Our tools are a boat, a camera, and the power in our bodies.  Together we can do something great… one stroke at a time.

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