Row the Pacific 2016

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Alex Flynn & Darren Taylor

Alex and Darren

Alex lives is 43 years old and lives in Houston Texas with is wife and son. He has many profession,but is described as an adventurer. Alex was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s in 2008 at the age of 36 and since his diagnosis he has undertaken many endurance events and challenges of his own making, such as running from London to Rome in 30 days and a Trans America challenge, covering 3,256 miles in 35 days by bike, foot and boat, all to raise awareness of YOPD and funds for the cure Parkinson’s trust.

Billy is also 43 years old and lives with his Partner Louise and 2 of her kids in Charlbury, Oxfordshire. He is a builder and on call Firefighter. He took part in the first Great Pacific Race as a last minute replacement for team Battleborn, a crew of 4 who came 2nd by a mere 13 hours after 45 days at sea. He also has over 23,000 sea miles under his belt after starting his love for sailing at the age of 17 when he sailed from Australia to England.

Alex and Billy have known each other since they were 13 years old, and are taking part in the race to raise awareness of YOPD and a new charity of which they are founder members, Spotlight Y.O.P.D. They are also working alongside Professor Helen Dawes of Oxford Brookes University, and will be wearing monitoring equipment to collect unique research data on the effects of exercise and the symptoms of Young Onset Parkinson’s disease.

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