Race Rules

The race rules are put in place for two reasons.  To ensure the safety of all our race participants and to ensure a fair and level playing field between all crews.

  1. The boat shall be raced with the correct number of persons on board at all times.
  2. Each boat carries the same mandatory equipment and medical kit with them until the end of the race.
  3. Boats have a maximum cabin height to control the amount of windage generated by larger cabins. 
  4. Each boat participates in two inversion tests to tutor the crews on how to manage a capsize situation.
  5. Before the race starts, each team shall have rowed their boat for a minimum of 72 hours, at least of 12 of which must be in the dark and having covered at least 40 nautical miles in one continuous session.
  6. Each competitor shall have completed the mandatory courses including approved sea survival, first aid at sea, VHF radio use, navigation and practical boating skills.
  7. Except for use of a water desalinator, catching rain and fishing no crew shall receive any re-supplies of food, drink or equipment during the race.
  8. Except for satellite telephone calls, email and radio communications no crew shall receive any assistance during the race.
  9. Rescue, repatriation and medical insurance is provided for all racers
  10. Tracking units update the race website with the position of your boat every hour. 
  11. Crews check in with race control every 12 hours using their satellite communication device. 
  12. Race support vessels shadow the fleet minimising the need for external assistance from the coastguard or other vessels.
  13. Teams participate in a prologue race across Monterey Bay as a final shakedown before the start of the race. 
  14. Teams arrive in Monterey two weeks before the race start and will have their boats and equipment thoroughly checked by our experienced team before being given the all clear to participate.

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