Shoulder to shoulder with legends – CC4 Pacific win prestigious award


We were so happy and proud to learn that the French Academy of Sports have bestowed the Prix André de Saint-Sauveur on the members of team CC4 Pacific (Christophe Papillon and Clement Heliot) who completed the Great Pacific Race in 2014.  This prize is awarded to those who accomplished a unique and exceptional achievement and we congratulate our friends in France on this outstanding recognition of their journey.

Previous winners of the André Saint-Sauveur Prize

Previous winners of the award include the crew of Apollo 11, Steve Fossett and Yves Rossy.

Seeing who has won the award previously gives a glimpse of the esteem in which CC4 Pacific’s achievements are held.  In 1966 the prize was awarded to Sir Francis Chichester and in 1969 the prize was won by Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins – the crew of Apollo 11.  Other notable winners include Joe Kittinger (for being the first to solo balloon across the Atlantic who also held the record for the highest skydive), Steve Fossett and Yves Rossy for his journey by personal jet pack across the English Channel.

We congratulate CC4 Pacific on their fantastic achievement.  Bravo!

IMG_2959 ©Ellen Hoke Photography

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