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Devin & Wyatt

Devin Platt and Wyatt Myers From Oregon, USA 2000px-Flag_of_Oregon.svg Further information will be available soon.

Endurance Limits USA

Endurance Limits USA logo 250 x 200Erin Hammer and Ryan Foss from Minneapolis, MN come to us from the world of adventure racing where they are both highly experienced racers. Follow them via their website. and via social media fb-art

Sons of the Pacific

James jones small profile pic Louis Bird James Jones and Louis Bird. Further details about this team will be available soon.

Row the Pacific 2016

PACIFICROW2016-web Spotlight loge Alex Flynn & Darren Taylor Alex and Darren

Alex lives is 43 years old and lives in Houston Texas with is wife and son. He has many profession,but is described as an adventurer. Alex was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's in 2008 at the age of 36 and since his diagnosis he has undertaken many endurance events and challenges of his own making, such as running from London to Rome in 30 days and a Trans America challenge, covering 3,256 miles in 35 days by bike, foot and boat, all to raise awareness of YOPD and funds for the cure Parkinson's trust.

Billy is also 43 years old and lives with his Partner Louise and 2 of her kids in Charlbury, Oxfordshire. He is a builder and on call Firefighter. He took part in the first Great Pacific Race as a last minute replacement for team Battleborn, a crew of 4 who came 2nd by a mere 13 hours after 45 days at sea. He also has over 23,000 sea miles under his belt after starting his love for sailing at the age of 17 when he sailed from Australia to England.

Alex and Billy have known each other since they were 13 years old, and are taking part in the race to raise awareness of YOPD and a new charity of which they are founder members, Spotlight Y.O.P.D. They are also working alongside Professor Helen Dawes of Oxford Brookes University, and will be wearing monitoring equipment to collect unique research data on the effects of exercise and the symptoms of Young Onset Parkinson's disease.

Ocean Hearts logo
Ocean Hearts

Pat Hines and Elizabeth Dycus representing USA

PHines Pat Hines

Uniting Nations

Classic Fours

Cyril portrait cropped Cyril 'Zizou' Derreumaux Eric Portrait cropped Eric Vander Lee crew member TBC crew member TBC


Classic Pairs

Peter Molloy Peter Molloy crew member TBC TBC

Team Row 4 Sight are rowing the Pacific to help raise funds and awareness of ORBIS UK — Saving Sight, Rebuilding Lives

39 million people in the world are blind, but 80 percent don’t need to be. A cure is often simple and inexpensive, but in poor countries, help is often out of reach.

ORBIS UK is a London-based affiliate of ORBIS International. ORBIS UK is committed to bringing sight-saving care to the developing world.

Row Aloha Logo - Great Pacific Race 2016
Row Aloha

Classic Pairs

Todd ocean sculling Todd Bliss Rick portrait Rick Leach With Rick living in Monterey and Todd living on the north shore of O'ahu Team Row Aloha certainly have the support of the home crowds.  Their boat is the same one that CC4 Pacific used in the Great Pacific Race 2014 so they have one of the few proven vessels to complete the challenge. RowAloha Boat

Fight the Kraken

Classic Pairs

Vicki Otmani & Megan Binging Fight the kraken teamshot

This is not just about us.  This is about you, too.  It’s about all of us being a force of positive change in a big world.  In mythology, the Kraken is an enormous, squid-like sea monster, capable of swallowing ships whole and the bringer of certain doom to all who cross its path.  We believe there is not only the very real "monster at sea" that we as a species have created through waste and misuse, but that there is a Kraken within each and every one of us.

Because of this, we want to motivate others while challenging ourselves; After all, this is no longer just about a carbon footprint, but a moral footprint.  Fight the Kraken is our catalyst for making small changes towards seemingly indomitable goals: actually completing the voyage where others have not, and reversing the damage that has been done to our greatest global resource.  The ocean entertains us, inspires us, and sustains us so we all need to take responsibility for its protection.  This monster is no longer just a myth, and we intend to fight it.  Our tools are a boat, a camera, and the power in our bodies.  Together we can do something great... one stroke at a time.

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