Team Ocean Valour break 24 hour distance record.

Dolphinsx2After 10 days of rowing around in a giant circle three times Tom and Lawrence have broken out of the circle of Gulf Stream current that was circling the Kelvin sea mount, have favourable winds and have certainly taken it up a notch.

At 14:00 on 30th May the tracker showed the team to be at 40° 12.93N, 061° 14.76W. 24 hours later at 14:00 on the 31st May the team had rowed to 40° 38.74N, 058° 51.44W, a point to point distance of 112.52 nautical miles.

We are thrilled to announce that the team have received confirmation from the Ocean Rowing Society that the team have set a New Guinness World Record!

Previously, the fastest three (recorded) 24-hr longest distance records were:

  • Toby Wallace , Atlantic E-W 2014 – distance of 103.88nm (192.4km) – Crew of 8
  • Artemis, Atlantic W-E 2010 – distance of 103nm (189.9 km) – Crew of 4
  • La Mondiale, Atlantic E-W 2008 – distance of 102nm (189 km) – Crew of 12

The Ocean Rowing Society will present the record to Guinness World Records who will issue a certificate to celebrate the feat.


So how have the team been able to produce such a staggering turn of pace?  Firstly, the crew were certainly assisted to a greater or lesser extent by the same force that had held them in a giant loop for 10 days.  The Gulf Stream was flowing directly underneath them and in near enough the same direction as the team were rowing and at some quite impressive speeds which will certainly have helped the crew.  Secondly the wind and waves have been consistent from the same direction for the last few days which help.  But finally and most importantly the boat and crew have been living like caged tigers for more than a week and are finally getting the chance to stretch their legs and bust out of that cage in the greatest possible way.  Long may it continue!

Don’t forget that you can follow the team’s hourly progress via the tracking page of their website.

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