Team Ocean Valour run over by hurricane


Over the last few days Tom and Lawrence really have been battling for their lives in some of the most ghastly weather conditions you can imagine.  Think of the film the Perfect Storm and you’re not far off.  Words of warning from Justin the team’s weather router arrived around 4 days ago and the team have been preparing ever since.  Daily use water bottles were topped up, wet rations were moved into the cabin and Tom and Lawrence tidied the cabin and deck to ensure that everything was tied down to reduce the chance of broken equipment or anything being washed overboard.  As the wind speed and wave height increased the parachute anchor was deployed to help prevent Yves from broaching and reduce the chance of them capsizing.

Then on Sunday the real force of the storm hit with the centre of a really deep low pressure system passing right over the top of the team.  The winds increased and increased and although it was too dangerous for the guys to get out of the cabin to take a wind speed reading the indication of the wind speed from the sea state is that the wind speed certainly exceeded 60kt and was certainly gusting far higher.  The guys were nearing a range of sea mounts under the surface and this combined with the wave direction in the run up to the storm meant that waves were smashing into the boat from all directions, throwing Tom and Lawrence all over the cabin.

At one point the team thought that they had lost both their tracking device, navigation light and radar target enhancer (RTE) (the white pole in today’s picture) as it looked as though a wave had ripped it off the boat.  Stuck inside the cabin for two days being battered day and night by the most violent storm imaginable and being pushed to the brink of capsize on a number of occasions before recovering we have no idea how the team have been able to cope with these truly hideous conditions but we’re so proud of them both.  Thankfully yesterday evening they were finally able to venture out of the cabin and look at the damage to the boat which is superficial and the tracker, navigation light and RTE are all still attached to the boat.  No other items of equipment have been lost or damaged and the team’s solid preparations have allowed them to dodge disaster.

Please take a moment now to consider how frightening and tough it must be for them after already spending nearly two months at sea!  If the team’s experience over the last few days doesn’t deserve a donation then we don’t know what does!

These guys are complete heroes and deserve our admiration, respect and donations to the Brain Tumour Charity.  Please click here to donate or text OVGB55 £10 to 70070 to donate to the Brain Tumour Charity.

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