The 2016 edition of the Great Pacific Race gets started

Eight crews, with representatives from 11 different countries set off on Saturday evening and began their long journey across the Pacific Ocean towards Hawaii. After being given a world class send off from the crowds outside the Monterey Marina the crews filed slowly out to an area just off Cannery Row to await the race start.

At 6pm the roar of the start cannon rung out across Monterey Bay and the crews were finally able to put some power down and started to press on past Monterey Aquarium, past the end of the Peninsula and out into the Pacific. Team Uniting Nations took an early and small lead over Endurance Limits which after 6 hours had expanded to around a one mile advantage.  This may not seem like much but if the current trend continues then this tiny speed differential will be around 36 hours by the time the crews arrive in Hawaii.  However, there is an awful long way to go and at such an early stage a lead is inconsequential except for the validation to the crew’s belief that they have a good chance at not only winning the Great Pacific Race but also setting a new Guinness World Record.  The crew of Uniting Nations have focused their crew selection, training and boat choice around the target of going fast.  We will have to stay tuned to the race tracker over the coming weeks and months to see who will emerge victorious.

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