The BARCELONA – IBIZA and IBIZA – BARCELONA races are NOMAN’s exclusive ocean rowing races. Teams of amateur rowers are pitted against each other across 200 miles in journey that is expected to last 3 days. Rowing across an ocean or sea is like no other sport. An ocean row is as much about the crews’ ability to cope mentally as it is about technique and physical strength.

In 2013 the Barcelona-Ibiza: Race to End HPV was NOMAN’s inaugural event and an outstanding success, raising over $1 million and attaining press on an national and international scale. 2015 saw the capacity of the event doubled as a second race from Ibiza to Barcelona was introduced. The capacity or the race was once again doubled in 2017 as 4 crews of rowers faced some of the toughest conditions in the five-year history of NOMAN, combating the blistering sun, fierce winds, fatigue and sea sickness.  In 2019, six crews set a blistering pace setting a new record for the route. Despite the challenges of the Covid pandemic we were still able to put on the event resulting in an outstanding race. The event continues to progress from strength to strength.

2023 is special. It marks 10 years since the start of the NOMAN campaign so expect places to be in short supply and competition to be fierce.

This events are the world’s premier ocean rowing races with all the training tailored to individual abilities and conducted by expert ocean rowers.  The boats, equipment and clothing supplied are all top of the line allowing the teams to focus on the race in hand. Throughout the races crews are followed by a support vessel. Your safety is of paramount importance throughout our events.

BARCELONA – IBIZA: 15th – 23th July 2023
IBIZA – BARCELONA: 22th – 29th July 2023

You can register your interest in the Mediterranean ocean rowing races by clicking here to become a NOMAN.