Over the past 16 years we have provided guidance and support for more than 170 ocean rowers during their preparations for their ocean row, during their journey and after they complete their adventure.

We are happy to offer our range of services based on your specific requirements and needs. We offering outstanding levels of support to those taking part in independent rowing challenges around the world.

  • Route planning – If you’ve got a dream of rowing a specific route then get in touch.  We have first hand experience of successfully assessing the viability of new routes and can help plan your row by factoring in all elements to make your unique challenge a success.
  • Advice and training  – Unless you’ve rowed an ocean before it’s vital that you get guidance and advice from those who have experience.  We can help train you and prepare your body and mind for the challenge of a lifetime.
  • Sourcing a boat – It can be hard to find the right boat and prepare it without the required knowledge.  We can arrange boat survey’s and manage any renovations required so you get the boat you need at the right price.
  • Weather forecasting – You need to know not just what the weather is doing in the next day but what it’s doing in the next week and how you can maximize its benefits. We can help provide a decision on when to start your row based on the weather outlook, personalized weather forecasting when you’re at sea and advice on the position of ocean currents.
  • Logistical assistance moving your boat around and ensuring it arrives at your start venue on time and undamaged.  We can also manage the safe return of your boat after you complete your challenge.
  • 24/7 support network – We will only a phone call away, ready to answer your questions and provide viable solution-based support.  Also potentially more importantly in an emergency situation we are ready to inform loved ones of the situation and work with Search and Rescue (SAR) teams to ensure your swift and safe return home.
  • Completion of required paperwork and harbour clearances including discussing your departure with local officials, Coastguard, Harbourmasters, issuing NOTSHIP, obtaining port clearances etc.
  • Online presence – From tracking beacons to on board communications and website we can help make your challenge fully accessible to the wider world maximising your reach and providing proven ROI for sponsors.
  • Gathering local support and knowledge for your challenge at both start and finish ensuring you get the best information possible and an outstanding departure.
  • Management of media coverage – When you’re at sea it’s virtually impossible to manage the media interest in your row.  We can work with you before departure to build your profile, write and send press releases, be a central point of contact for all media inquiries, arrange interviews and more.  We can shoot, edit and distribute b-roll footage and photographs to TV and other media outlets. Take a look at some of the great media coverage we have received.

We’d love to have a chat with you whatever stage of preparation you are at.  Whether it just be a dream of rowing an particular route and want to know more about how viable the route is or if you’re further along the journey and just need support services for during your row, please get in touch via the contact page and ask for a proposal to turn your dreams into reality.

Project Empower boat

Project Empower
Atlantic – West to East
New York, USA to Galway, Ireland

Damian Browne’s previous Atlantic rowing experience had been as a solo in the TWAC. This time he wanted to take on the North Atlantic. Together with rugby friend Fergus Farrell they planned to row their one-of-a-kind boat, and set a new speed record. We oversaw the shipping of the boat to New York, ensured that she was provisioned correctly and completed a few shake down rows (most memorably around the Statue of Liberty).

On the water we remained on call 24/7 and oversaw the extraction of Fergus following a medical issue. We also provided daily weather and current updates and forecasts to make the most of the Gulf Stream. When the tracker broke we relayed satellite AIS data to keep everyone up to date with his progress. We also wrote daily social media posts to keep everyone appraised of his progress.

Mid-Pacific – East to West
San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii

Lat 35’s first all-women’s team will come in the form of four dynamic athletes, from varied backgrounds. Libby Costello, Adrienne Smith, Sophia Denison-Johnston, and Brooke Downes make up the newest Lat 35 adventure team, who aim to not only make the crossing, but do so in record time. We met up with the team in California ensuring that their boat and equipment was in excellent condition and that the team knew how to use everything. We oversaw the final periods of their training and boat loading. During this time it became apparent that sea-sickness was likely to become an issue. We worked with the team to develop a medication plan to minimise there debilitating effects. While on the water we remained on call throughout and were thrilled to see them finish in a new Guinness World Record time.

Jack Jarvis

United We Conquer – Jack Jarvis
Atlantic – East to West (mainland Europe to mainland USA)
Lagos, Portugal – Stuart, Florida.

We worked with Jack from the early days to make a plan for a true World first route. We ensured that this boat and equipment were fully operational and working nominally. In the run up to the start we met up with Jack in Portugal for a few final checks, to get him and his boat completely ready to go.

When on the water we remained on call 24/7 and liaised with the coastguard in the middle of the night to call off rescue efforts when Jack’s EPIRB self activated due to water ingress! Providing weather and current forecasts and assisting with routing for the trip we were in contact with Jack every day and helped to pull together the arrival party. We also oversaw the shipping of his boat back to the UK after the row.

Impossible Row
Southern Ocean – North to South
Cape Horn, Chile to Charles Point, mainland Antarctic peninsula

We worked with the crew to prepare the boat prior to departure including replacement and provision of an all new electrical system with additional solar capacity and Lithium batteries. We added insulation and netting to the cabin walls and new thicker mattresses to keep the crew as warm as possible and ensured that the boat was equipped with multiple other items of equipment. We also oversaw the registration of the boat, radio and emergency equipment. The journey was turned into a Discovery documentary and received a nomination for a Critics’ Choice Real TV Award in 2020

Heroes of the Sea
2019 – 2020
Atlantic – East to West
Gran Canaria to Barbados

We worked with the three-man team based in Germany to prepare their boat after the existing boat renovator left the project before finishing their work. With everything fully operational we arranged shipping to Gran Canaria and continued the team’s preparations and training. While on the water we remained the crew’s first point of contact for any boat related issues when they were on the water and also provided them with weather forecasting and medical consultancy services. We were on hand as they arrived in Barbados to ensure a safe arrival and oversaw the boat being shipped back home. We were also able to arrange for the boat to be sold to her next owner.